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Class of 1981 et al... "beersinthecar" Beach Party

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Wooooo Hoooo !!!!!  It's finally here!!!!!!

It is official now ...  Jackson House is the location ...  see the Agenda ...

We do not get to the house until approx 4:30pm Friday...after that ... you can call us there at 409-737-9957 

To add information and talk to the rest of us, click on "Active Discussion" and post a new message.  Refresh often.

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Where are they now?
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Help me fill in all of these blanks people!!

If you want your personal info posted here, post it on the discussion on this site or email it to dave@klingler.cc  If you don't want certain personal info listed here, just drop me a line.

Last updated: 07/30/01 04:15 PM -0500

Dave Klingler - Class of 81         old photo new photo           dave@klingler.cc

Married ( Pam ) ... no kids (except two pit bulls)... lives on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, MD ... General Manager of a car dealership

Jay Patterson - Class of 81                              jaybpatterson@yahoo.com

Married ( Cindy )  ... kids ... lives on a mountain in Golden, CO ...  working again for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR)

Ramiro Garza - Class of 81                               garzanet@jump.net

Single ... no kids ...  lives in Houston, TX ... works as an IT Consultant ( his own company I think)

Monica Lund - Class of 81                                     kuchynata@yahoo.com

Single ... no kids ... lives in Austin, TX ... works for a bank     Monica's biography

Maury (Lawson) Constien - Class of 81                Maury.Constien@us.ibm.com

Married  ...   kids ... lives in Plano, TX (around Dallas) ... works for IBM

Carry (Blackwell) Selvera - Class of 81                   clselvera@hotmail.com

Single ... has kids ... lives in Houston, TX ... works but I don't know where

Arnold Franco - Class of 81                            arnold.franco@isemagtech.com

Single ... has kid(s) ... lives somewhere around Houston, TX ... works at Isemagtech (an instrumentation company)

Phillip Gamblin - Class of 81                            gamblipe@apci.com

Philip lives in Houston. He is married to Carol (Bremer) about 10 years, has two girls 8 & 6 years, I think. Works for Air Products. He maintains remote communication and control at compressor/distribution sites.

Adrian Garza - Class of 83          old photo                 adriang@garzatech.com

Single ... no kids ... lives in Houston, TX ...  has his own IT consulting company  ... Garzatech ...  parties like he was from the class of '81 ... trust me

Barry Laves - Class of 81                                    barrytebear@yahoo.com

Single ... no kids (2 dogs)... lives in Houston, TX ... day gig is Halliburton Co. but is "an aspiring artist" what kind of art Barry?

Ronnie Shields - Class of 81                         ronnie.shields@newpower.com

Ronnie ... please update your info here.

...  Director of Accounting for The New Power Company

Suzi Patterson - Class of 83                        suzannemayhew@hotmail.com

Married ... just had a baby - Zoe ... married to Ken Mayhew ...  lives in Kona, Hawaii  Her and her husband are Tri-athletes ( or something weird like that ) ...

Brenda May - Class of 81

?????????????  Was in the Army last I heard...

Barbara Dawson - Class of 82

Barry just informed me that she is deceased ( Murdered )   :(   Wow...that blows me away  :(   She was murdered in the Heights on May31, 1991 by someone she had dated.  Her killer plea bargained and avoided the death penalty but received "life" in prison.  The asshole is eligible for parole beginning in the year 2006.

Tony De la Serna - Class of 81                                    serna@lucent.com

separated, 2 daughters, lives in Worcester Mass., works for Lucent Technologies and is a marathon runner. Class of '81

Dusty Gallagher - Class of 81

Monica:   I did see Dusty before I moved to Florida,two daughters, divorced, I think. I think his brother Rusty is still in Houston. Maybe we can look him up and ask him where Dusty is. Dusty did leave me a message once that he had some big news for me and I should call him back, but, I erased the message after coming in at 5 a.m. after a poker game with the girls and too many drinks. Funny, I'm just remembering that message and he left it back in, oh, 1996 maybe 5. (Groan!)

Charles Francis - Class of 81                               Francis_14490@msn.com

Married eight years to Tara Francis and continues to live in Houston. Currently an analyst for a small private equity investment firm in Houston. No children, but one in the oven (Tara is 4 months pregnant). Education: BS and MBA. Email: cfrancis@milestonecapital.com or Francis_14490@msn.com

James Shephard - Class of 81                             jcshephard@att.net

Married to Tselane Brown(HSEP C/O '79) for 1 year now. BBA from Univ. of Houston in MIS. Living in Houston. Working as IT (ORACLE) consultant through my own company, Definitive Solutions, Inc.

Roxy Hayes - Class of 83


Brad Russell - Class of 81

   ????????????   Houston, TX ???

Javier  Rodriguez - Class of ??

 married ... one child ...  Houston, TX          Thanks for this one too Barry...

Todd Higgins - Class of ??

married ( Peggy ) ... 3 kids ... College Station, TX

Paul Cobb - Class of ??

????????   Barry thinks Houston, TX

Ayman Gobran - Class of 81

Single ... no kids ... works for Raytheon in Tucson, AZ

Arnold Contreras - Class of 80

Ramiro thinks he is in or around Washington, DC

Ruby Contreras - Class of 80

Ramiro says as of four or five years ago she had a girl, was in the medical profession, and maybe in Houston, TX

Joey Contreras                                             Joey.Contreras@usdoj.gov

Joey is a United States Assistant Attorney for the Department of Justice in San Antonio, TX

Hei Chan - Class of 81                                           chanhw@yahoo.com

Married ( Aeri )  ... has a son ( Andrew ) ... lives near Washington, DC  Hei Chan's Bio

Paul Normandy - Class of 81 ?

Jay ran into him online about a year ago ... he is looking up the info

Elizabeth (Ruth) Smith - Class of 81                        eruthsmith@home.com

Married, (Felix), two kids, lives off the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Taking a hiatus from the practice of dentistry to be CEO of household.

Sammy Robinson (female) - Class of 81 or 82

She used to hang out with us ... in the dark room too ... I think she used to date a guy in the class of 80.  I remember going to the Roxy on Alabama  with her.

Thomas Carnicle                                                     tjcarn@wcnet.net

married (Kathy) with two children; living in Bay City Texas, and working at the South Texas Project Nuclear Plant in Operations Training

Wanda Brown - class of 81?                                     wanb@chevron.com

I will be there on Aug. 4 count me in. Wanda Brown Customer Service Manager Chevron Business Real Estate Services/PBMS 2811 Hayes Rd. Houston, Texas 77082 281-596-3299 E-Mail wanb@chevron.com

Richard Gosselin - class of 81                            gosselin_r@hotmail.com

Education: B.A. - University of Houston (Political Science) 1986 M.A. - UH (Economics) 1989  Current employment: Employer: Houston Community College  Position: Economics Prof. Years: 11 Married for nine years Children: 4 boys (ages 8 to 1 month old!)

Joseph Pauli                                                       pauli@hotmail.com

He is married and has four children (3 girls and 1 boy). He lives in a small town just outside of Charlotte, North Carolinia. I believe he said that he is the chief operations manager of a steel plant (or something like that). Anyway, he won't be able to come. He sends his regards.

Daryl Williams

I have a beautiful wife, Tracy and adorable daughter Talor. I graduated from the University of Houston (B.S.), Houston Baptist University (M.S.) in Management, Computing and Systems and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Systems (ABD-All but dissertation) from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Worked for The University of Texas-Health Science Center for 13 years as Manager of Information Systems department for LBJ Hospital until 2000. Currently, working for Enron Net Works as an IT Consultant on WAN team. Also, I am Lead Faculty of Business at LeTourneau University (near the Galleria) where I teach the Management Information Systems class

Jonathan Branch                                            jonathan.branch@attws.com

 Sr.RF Engineer Washington/Baltimore ATTWS PCS  301-586-3307 (O)  202-255-1005 (C)

Alex Charles                                                    AChar86732@aol.com


David Schmidt                                                  DGSCH85@aol.com

I have just returned from China, where my wife and I adopted a 19-month-old little girl. Jamie Jingya joins John, our 8-year-old son, who just started the third grade. Bonnie and I have been married for just over sixteen years. I am currently VP of Tax & Treasury for Ruby Tuesday (a casual dining chain similar to Chili's). We live in Maryville, TN, which is just outside of Knoxville.

It's great to see all the activities and plans that have come together since we left on our trip 3 weeks ago. I will attempt to make the mini reuion and look forward to seeing each of you. Alternate email: DSCHMIDT@RUBYTUESDAY.COM

Ronnie San - Class of 82                                    ronnie_san@hotmail.com

Send us some bio information Ronnie...

Keefe Edwards  -  Class of 81

I have some sad but timely news to share on Keefe.

I found out that he is in the Critical Care Unit of Providence Medical Hospital (Colby Campus) in Everett, Washington. His Aunt Lillian said that he is extremely sick and cannot speak on the phone. She asked us to pray for him.

Lillian said that they cannot accept flowers at the ICU, but that we can send cards to his mother's house:

Carolyn Edwards 5015 Court Rd. Houston, TX 77053

She said that his mother will forward all well-wishes received. As a special favor, I did ask that Lillian mention the reunion to Keefe and to let him know that he will be in our thoughts.


Ronald Owens -   Class of '81                                 rowens@context.com

??????????  email us and tell us about yourself now Ronald...

Thomas Manning

Carmen Pinzon

Michael Pirtle

Louis Reyes

Roy Tolliver

Kevin Wilson

Karen Young


Class of 1981 Teachers

Does anyone know where any of them are?

Bob Stockwell - History - Jay thinks he is married to Anna Zapata

        Kennedy - English

Spikerman - Science - looking on the web, looks like Spikerman now has Sclafani's old position.

        Bond - History - deceased

        Sclafani - HSEP coordinator (at the time)

        Bob Pisciella - Physics 

        Anna Zapata -  Math / Calculus

        Ms. Rose -   ??    Help me on this one ...


        Thanks for these Barry:

                   007 - Denise Bond (died) - World History   :(  What happened?

                Richard Frazier - Computers

All I remember about Frazier is the IBM: crew-cut, tie, and anal attitude. (sorry Maury, maybe IBM has changed now) He fit right in next to the DEC PDP-11 ... has anyone seen his pocket-protector?

                John Spikerman - Biology and Baseball

"There are HSEP kids who are football players, cheerleaders, members of ROTC. They all take gym together, he says."The quarterback at Baylor was an HSEP kid; the  running back for Arizona was an HSEP kid," says Spikerman (quoted from a Houstonpress.com article)  Uh, Spike, we were ENROLLED in GYM CLASS but we never actually ATTENDED gym class (refer to Antones Subs under "memories")  ... you should take a stroll downstairs sometime ...  ;)   ... we remember you liked sports, but let's not get delusional ...

                Brian "Woody" Henderson - EDG

All I remember about him is that Maury seemed pretty sweet on him...

                Diane Kennedy - English

I think we all remember Diane ...


    Help me remember the others ...

Franklyn Wesley  BTW Principal and Chief Asshole ...

Excerpt from a Houstonpress.com article about HSEP students: "...Booker T. Washington's principal since 1965, Franklyn Wesley, did not want to be interviewed for this story. Some of the HSEP robotics students wonder if he even understands how much time they put into their robot program..."   Well guys ... wonder no more ... he doesn't understand DICK ... glad I don't have to put up with that asshole anymore...  thanks for treating us like outcasts for three years Franklyn ... seems you are keeping up the tradition... I didn't like you then, I don't like you now.  Blow me!