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Class of 1981 et al... "beersinthecar" Beach Party

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Wooooo Hoooo !!!!!  It's finally here!!!!!!

It is official now ...  Jackson House is the location ...  see the Agenda ...

We do not get to the house until approx 4:30pm Friday...after that ... you can call us there at 409-737-9957 

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Man ... this picture brought back a flood of memories ... 

Left to right:  Jay Patterson, Monica Lund (with 'tude), David Klingler, Maury (Lawson) Constein, Dusty Gallagher


Ronald Owens looking over a cliff at the South Rim of Big Bend... 


Oh shit!   Which way do we go?


Denise Bond    007 ...


Wasn't that some professional photo production ... just confirms that we WERE loaded ...