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Class of 1981 et al... "beersinthecar" Beach Party

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Wooooo Hoooo !!!!!  It's finally here!!!!!!

It is official now ...  Jackson House is the location ...  see the Agenda ...

We do not get to the house until approx 4:30pm Friday...after that ... you can call us there at 409-737-9957 

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On this entire site, "guys" is generic and refers to both genders.  Now isn't that P.C.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show...and the parties in the alley of the Alabama Theater ( before it was the BookStop) before the show   the party inside the show and the parties in the back parking lot afterwards


Fosters beer ( ahhh those sweet Oil Cans ) at lunch at Antone's Subs and running into (asst principle ... name ? ) when we drove back loaded in with "Supertoy"


Costume parties at "D's" house...  coded to protect the innocent or, um,  guilty...

Going to lunch in Lee Hall's fastback Mustang. Wasn't there one time when about ten of us piled in to go to lunch at Pizza Hut or wherever? He took two trips to bring us back to school.


Smoking Ganja at another house...  ( protecting the innocent/guilty again )


Margaritas at Baba Yega's  ( spelling ? )


Jay's "Supertoy" ( with bar in trunk and spaceship console )


Ramiro's wipe out on River Oaks drive (after Children of the Sun) and the associated masterpiece we told his mother...     Oh, and uh, thanks Ramiro for telling your Mom who made up the whole damn thing!


Sneaking into Monica's house with her father asleep in the chair... That still freaks me out Monica...( does he still have that chair and newspaper ? )


Party at Maury's house...


Being chased down Heights Boulevard in "Supertoy"  at warp speed by some PSYCHO that apparently didn't like us drinking beer in his parking lot.   By the way Jay, nice evasive maneuver through the trees in the median DUDE !  ( lucky I'm still alive )...


Being wasted on Baccardi after skipping school, laying on the grass on the banks of Buffalo Bayou with you guys ( Allen Parkway at Studemont ) staring at the clouds with you guys as distorted Zeppelin ( ...  people with flowers in their hair said ... ) emanated from my car...


Skipping school with Dusty Gallagher to paint a certain someone's apartment (protection again) ... and the tequila shots all the way to the drunken party at Baba Yega's  ... by the way...does anyone know where the hell Dusty is?


Listening to a cassette tape of Journey in my red Buick Apollo with you guys drinking 'tall boys' in little brown bags parked beside the Yale Superette ... with that little bottle of Southern Comfort and Dr. Pepper...     ( GAG! now-a-days!!!!  ... but it was good then )


Suzy Patterson screaming at me and Jay in his because we were playing AC/DC's Back in Black album too loud ( yes...album...we are all getting old ... Carry, do your kids even know what an album is? ) while she was trying to go to bed.


The photography club trip to Big Bend   ... and running a female state trooper off of the road on the return trip because I was hanging a "U-E" to go back and look for the gas cap Arnold Franco left laying on top of the car.   Thanks again Arnold ... buddy.


The "Dark Room" at HSEP   a/k/a janitor's  closet that was party central.  They had to have the intelligence of amoeba's if they didn't know what we were doing in there    I wonder what they thought the television and sound system was for? ... and, uh, how many people did they think it took to develop pictures?   Didn't they ever want to see any pictures that we "developed" ?  What did they think was causing all the laughing and giggling?  Funny pictures, I guess.   Can you spell S-T-U-P-I-D?   I guess they didn't think it was as bad as the phone in the locker.

7/22/01  by  Jay:   Dave - You have the same memories of that period as I do. I'm glad I was alone in the house yesterday when I read your discussion of the "dark room", cause I LAUGHED and LAUGHED. I've had the same thoughts. (Recently even). How in the hell did we get away with that. It couldn't be stupidity on the part of the teachers. No one is that stupid. Hey remember Ms. Rose? (she knew we were getting away with something) How she'd......v e r y q u i e t l y.........slowly slip her key into the darkroom door.....and....then.............with a sudden jerking movement.....SHE'D UNLOCK THE DOOR AND OPEN IT REAL FAST (probably thinking she'd catch us doing something wrong.....US?). In two years, I think we produced one picture. Remember - the Valentines card (with the bloody raw beef heart on the front?.......Just amazing.



Watching Cheech and Chong movies  ( may have set a Guinnes Book record for number of times seen) at the drive-in on South Main in Phillip Gamblin's Chevy Impala "boat", complete with broken out back glass and bean bag chair in the back seat ( the depression in the bean bag chair was used for ice and beer )  Phillip was the original John Belushi ...   I know you are still pissed off at me Phillip...geez...as Rodney King once said 'can't we just all get along?'...  I admit this was the biggest fuck-up of my entire life ... I lost a damn good friend and regret it...  I plead youth and stupidity at this point ...


Saturday Night Live was still a good show...

Kennedy's class ...    where is she now?

Remember when they decided to lock our cars in the damn parking by chaining the gate  during the day?   ARRRGGGGHHHH !!!!!   ( we had to pay them back for that one ... see next memory )

Picking up the little grumpy young teacher chick's ( can't remember her name...help me here...calculus I think ) Toyota and letting it down over the parking stop   ( that was a good one ).   That pissed off the administration for weeks!

Parties at Jay's dad's house ... we miss him too Jay ...

Endless drives from convenience store to convenience store looking for one that would sell us beer ... took a while sometimes ( and arguing over who was going to go in ... and trying to spot cool people outside that might help us )

Working on our cars...

Elephant Malt Liquor    

Meeting Ramiro and Adrian while they were working at Mr. Icecream?  ( was a hamburger place as well)  at the corner of Yale and 14th??  with  Foreigner's "Jukebox Hero" coming out of the Jukebox...   I think that is how I met you Adrian...  I will forever associate that song with the smell of cheeseburgers

Sitting in Supertoy ? (or maybe Phillip's car) in the parking lot at Yale and 43rd? drinking beer (go figure) when we got shot at and took a bullet in the windshield (lucky we are alive... again)...  I can't remember who was along for that ride, but I sure as hell remember it...  and the impact crater on the windshield...

Everyone piled in a car going down Kirby drive on the way to the Summit for a concert ... I can't remember which one.    I think we had been at the Hamburger/Beer place on Kirby Drive that used to serve us...

Hmmmm ... that memory just made me think of a skinny blonde that was our friend ( maybe a previous class ) ... her dad was a high-roller computer sales guy... and her step-mom had panties that said "Eat me" ( fill you in later on that ) ... I think her name was Sheryl?  Cheryl? ... fill in the gaps please...   Cheryl per Monica...and she thinks she moved to California.

Meeting Maury and Monica at that restaurant/ice cream place ( Swensons ... thanks Monica) they used to work... what was the name of that place? ( it had those funky stained glass light fixtures ) ....

I must be on a "food" thread here...  I just remembered us piling into the car and wiping out Pizza Inn during lunch (on a regular basis) on their "all-you-can-eat" buffet ...  wasn't that on Ella Blvd ??  I remember it was close to the loop...  Didn't they ever wonder why we were not back at school?  It used to take a while to get all-you-could-eat ...  lol

The HSEP soccer team ... which SUCKED with a force equal to the vacuum that was created at the center of the universe after the "Big Bang"...  don't get offended ... I was on it too ...  but we did SUCK !!!!!     OH! ... and remember the "big" exhibition game at half time at Booker T Washington football game ... like ANYONE in the stands gave a fuck about seeing that...

Barry, I can't remember ... what was the deal with you driving that school bus?

Monica:  Partying on the roof of that building (wherever it was), Maury and I having
to go to the bathroom and you guys didn't want to leave so we went behind
the dumpster or air conditioning unit or something! (It was that building
you could drive your car up the drive to the roof, just one story). Sorry,
my memories are more emotional than visual.   Dave:  It was above the building that was at the corner of Richmond and Dunlavy??

Monica:  Maury- driving to school in your Fiat singing along to The Boss or (no one
wince) The Sound of Music.

Monica:  Swensen's was the name of the ice cream parlor Maury and I worked at in high

Monica:  You guys sending Maury and I in for the beer cause the guys behind the
counter would always sell to the two blonde/blue chippies.

I can not hold it in any longer.

As you can see, I have been hoping for many years to see and again get
all of us together from as may classes as possible. I remember seeing a
movie in 1991 that rekindled the memories and the good times we had. 

For those who remember Plato in the Library,
Photography club field trips,
the November beach trips at 3am in the morning,
The bus rides to school and back home
(and the ones I drove my senior year),
Parties, chess games,
104 KRBE on the PA system via our Locker,
Fetal Pigs that could talk in AP Bio,
Electrical circuits that exploded in EE class,
The red lips of Ms Bond, aka 007,
Stockwell marring another teacher and having a baby,
Spikerman taking 2 leaps to get down the stairs after a student,
the Physics Teacher that could calculate a number to 10 decimal places
in his head,
the 5 year mini reunion,
Beers in the car,
and many other memories,
I began the hsep-alumni@yahoogroups.com on May 1, 1999.

I'm glad that everyone is excited and helping out!
I hope to have a roster with info about all of us by the end of this
second reunion so that we can stay in-touch.

Glad also, that the technology that we used for gaming in High School
is bringing us back together.

Best rgds,
Barry Laves HSEP 81', TAMU 89' aka Bus 'Driver


All of this is starting to bring a tear to my eye...