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Class of 1981 et al... "beersinthecar" Beach Party

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Wooooo Hoooo !!!!!  It's finally here!!!!!!

It is official now ...  Jackson House is the location ...  see the Agenda ...

We do not get to the house until approx 4:30pm Friday...after that ... you can call us there at 409-737-9957 

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07/30/01 12:52 AM -0500

Drinking, partying, go to the beach, drink party, go to the beach, drink, well ... you get the idea...

Open house during the day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We will start around noon each day.

Main event and Cookout Saturday afternoon / evening.  

We are taking VOLUNTARY donations for the cookout ... she the Money page.

Jackson House


Jackson House Jackson House interior

18414 E. De Vaca, Indian Beach,, 2nd row beach, accommodates 12, 4 bedrooms/3 1/2 baths, CAH, cable TV, VCR, DW, microwave, CW/CD, FP, icemaker, stereo & CD player, BBQ, deck furniture, outside shower, access to pool and tennis.  2 kings, 2 twins, 2 sets bunks, 1 queen sleeper.  NO SMOKING / NO PETS.

click here to get directions to this location from www.mapquest.com

A few of us are putting together an informal get together the weekend

of Aug. 3,4,5. We have rented a house down at the beach in

Galveston and having an "open-house" during the day where people can

come and go as they please. Children are welcome during the day, but

we would have to exclude them from any evening get-togethers. Keep

in mind, the individuals staying at the beach house are going to be

there without their spouses and/or children.

THEN, we thought we'd extend an invitation to all the '81 graduates

for a cookout at the house on Saturday afternoon / evening.

We are still in planning stages, and will need a definite head count

for the cookout by Wed, Aug 1st. If you know of HSEP'ers who

are not on line, please extend the invitation to them as well. 

Hope we see you this weekend !!!

Monica Lund