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Class of 1981 et al... "beersinthecar" Beach Party

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Wooooo Hoooo !!!!!  It's finally here!!!!!!

It is official now ...  Jackson House is the location ...  see the Agenda ...

We do not get to the house until approx 4:30pm Friday...after that ... you can call us there at 409-737-9957 

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It is going to be a blast !!!

When:  August 3rd to the 5th, 2001  Open house each day with a Cookout on Saturday, August 4th, 2001.  (main event)  Check out the "agenda" button.

Where:  "Jackson House" at 18414 E. De Vaca, Indian Beach  Galveston, Texas  click here to get directions to this location from www.mapquest.com

The plan:  To rent a beach house for the mini-reunion and party our asses off.

Theme:    "beersinthecar"

Participants: Everyone is invited to open-house during the days and the cookout on Saturday ...  however, we only have room for those that are confirmed as staying overnight on the "attendance" link for the overnight stays.  Sorry...space was limited.